Saturday 9 August 2014

Ampere meter DIY

I always wanted to test my devices and find out what was the real current of each item.
The option was to buy a multi-meter that could do it, but because I bought an ampere meter display for 2 pounds on ebay, I wanted to make it easy to use.

I bought a small plastic box and fitted all the electronic inside, even the cable to connect the device to test.

I have used:
  • 2 crocodile clips to be able to clip any cable and measure the current.
  • 1 female and 1 male audio jack, to remove the cable and put it back in the box when it's done.
  • 1 ampere meter from ebay
  • 1 switch to turn on the power
  • 1 9V battery ( from the picture I used something else because I didnt have one )

The usage is streight forward, turn on the device from the switch, connect the cable and clip your device.
I have tested a DC motor to confirm that everything was working, and it worked!

Of course, with a 9v battery the box would be closed and easy to read.

When I have done with it, I just put the cable inside the box and put it somewhere.