Saturday 6 December 2014

XLED bike lights version 2.0


In my previous project Bike lights I managed to create my personal lights, but these were very ugly.
I have tested my current setup for few months, under rain, cold, washing my bike, etc... everything went good and I had no issues.
The next step was to improve the position of the lights, a new design for the enclosure and change type of leds where needed.

One light wired up, my configuration had two of them.


The case that contains the leds, is full of glue as the previous one, but of course the outside doesnt look like a piece of glue as the old one.
I designed, with tinkercad, the new enclosure to fit on the top of the reflector and 3d printed in black.

The front leds( white ones) were upgraded because the previous ones had a wider angle and didnt have enough light.

The transistor was upgraded to a bigger one from the previous design. I had one on each led and now I got only one in each case.


The design was very simple, just 4 holes to allocate each led and a small side to slide on the top of the reflector.
I had to drill manually the hole to hold the case.

Final result