Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Use Serial Port to access on your Raspberry Pi

I was working on my personal project  where I couldn't attach a Ethernet cable to check what was going on or just check the status of my Raspberry Pi.
I knew that I could the pins TX and RX with a USB Serial port, so I got one and I started to use  as debug system.

You need a simple USB Serial port, you can get the cheap one here or you can get something "branded" on your usual electronic shop.

Connect the BLACK pin to the GROUND, the GREEN to the RX and the WHITE to TX.
If this combination wont work, just swap the GREEN and WHITE, it might be different from my adapter.

I never connect the red because your Raspberry is already powered from the usb port, so to avoid any problems, dont connect it!

Everything is ready to communicate with your Raspberry Pi via Serial port, what you need to start, is a Terminal software, you can use GTK Terminal, Putty or whatever you prefer.

Open your software, select the right port, set the baud at 115200 and then you should see texts coming up on your terminal.

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