Friday, 13 May 2011

Relay Module 5V RLY101-FR4

1 PCS One channel relay module board, for PIC / AVR / 8051 etc project.
Led indicator for each relay channel.
Use BC547  driving relay, Improve the reliability of action.
Power Supply: 5V / 400mA.
Input voltage: 0V - 0.5V (relay is OFF),
                         0.5V - 4V (unknown state),
                         4V - 5V (relay is ON).
PCB thickness: 1.6mm.

Relay Spec:
Coil: Voltage: 5V DC.    Current: 71.4mA.
Contact Capacity: 250 VAC/7 Amp or 30 VDC/10 Amp.

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