Monday, 10 December 2012

First steps with Raspberry PI

I have got my first Raspberry PI last week and I started to discover this beautiful world but I am a little bit upset about low level connection.

These are the bad things:
- You can't read from an analog input if you don't buy a board that helps you to get this information ( click here ).
- You can't move 2-3 servos if you don't buy a 16 channel servo driver ( click here ).
At least there are some solutions to pimp your Raspberry PI :)

My first steps
I have decided to move my old and unfinished Arduino project to Raspberry PI and after 2 days of working I have done a lot of work that Arduino takes a lot of time.
I never tried to connect something to a digital pin and I thought that was simple as Arduino, but when I was looking for the right pin, I couldn't understand from the board which one was the right one.
I had to looking for the schema of Raspberry and found out each digital pin, that it's silly because they could put something like GPIO 1, GPIO 2, just next to each pin.

In the end I am connected my DHT 22 ( temperature sensor ) to the pin GPIO 4 and installed a little script in C, because Python is not faster enough to get the data. This is the guide that I followed (click here).

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